The Matty Chronicles: What is there, not to love?

March 10, 2017


North Smithfield, RI- Friday March the 10th, 2017. It is still hockey season here in New England. Snow is still falling and looming in the forecast as well.
The playoffs are also looming for the these warriors of the best day of the week.

The atmosphere was apparent in the games tonight. Manny’s Hockey shop would face off against the red hot Final Touch. The gold and black were showcasing their newest member, Jerry Fahey. Fahey had stint on the Touch while keeping the ice warm for Anthony Lisi. Unfortunately, Bobby Goggles Jordan would be put on the shelf for the rest of the season and Manny’s scooped up Jerry in the nick of time.
The story of the first game would be the defense and goaltending of Final Touch, keeping the coal out of the fire. Peter Meegan would get the Hat Trick, but this was a team effort with 8 different players getting on the score sheet for a 5-0 win.

In the essex game of the night, vini vidi vici, they came, they saw, they conquered. Roman Law laid down the law. Eric Campbell sky rockets to the top of stats with a hat trick. The story might be JAY DUBYAH with the a goal and 4 assists. This game featured 9 out 10 skaters getting a piece of the scoresheet. Shawn Smiths’ group looks ready to hoist the coveted trophy in this 9-1 tilt. Credit should also go to Mark Schaivone for only allowing one on a barrage of shots from Vescera. The one came from the sure handed Rob Edlemen.

In the late game the black, red and white of the MPP was ready to play, on the other side, it looked like pubs with many different jerseys, albeit the Goddess was in the house. It was all Manville Palace Pizza all the time. The Goddess were green with envy as Manville would put up 7 goals. The GG had many opportunities but would be thwarted by the goaltending of Mike Dussault and the defense of Nate Patterson who put up a goal and 2 assist for his club. MPP is keeping themselves in the running with the Final Touch.

Many of our friends are heading to Vegas. Good luck to them. It is St. Pats day next Friday. Final Touch is at a stand still with the bye. MPP can tie up the standings at the top with a win. Roman Law has to win out and MPP and Final Touch would have to lose their final games. Which would tie up FT with RL. Roman would have the Tie breaker at this juncture. It is likely that either Manville or Final Touch would get the Presidents trophy. MSCCC has an opportunity to slip in the 4th spot. It is still a bit messy with no real domination by any one team. With just 2 games to go, hockey is alive and kicking in North Smithfield.

It was another fun night at the rink.
Hope you all have a safe week with the crappy weather headed our way.

Live, Breathe, Love…………….Hockey!!!