Santa is on his way! Don't be Naughty Datch-yaboy!!

December 24, 2022

How do I start this article, hmm?? Do we do a Christmas poem?

Twas 2 nights before Christmas and all through the rink, everyone was stirring, you can smell the hockey stink. Pizza was coming and some of us say, the late game blows, I hope some is left at the end of the day. Theresa brought rum balls for all to enjoy. I am told they were boozy but omg no doy! 

The weather outside is chilly, but the hockey inside is silly. 

Skatin around the hockey rink, At the North Smithfield hockey hop. 

Ok, let's get to the games. 

The first game was back and forth at the beginning. Edge Doctor got over in the first with Steve Owens starting the fire. Adam Babikian got the other one with Pete Meegan's help. On the other side, late in the period, Votta cut the lead in half. Andy Morrison there impressing his fans with a doorstep goal. Nick Nardone on the helper. Early in the second, Votta would tie it up with a goal from Morrison, the other Nick, Miranda on the helper. Back and forth they went, as Edge would get the edge with another goal by Adam. But wait there's more. Votta would get a couple in a row by Nardone, Nick not Frank, and get Votta the lead. Morrison figuring in on both. And then the goals dried up for the Purple. One more in the second for Edge by Pete Meegan. 5 unanswered goals for the Doctor. Glen Marshall got a couple and Meegan with the Hat Trick. Cormier with a couple of assists as well as Babikian showing off. Edge Doctor won 8-4 over Votta Properties. 

In game 2, dun dun dun,    dun ta dun dun ta dun, The evil empire in the house. Vescera Law in white and Manville Pizza in black, very fitting. Vescera got on the board first with Adam Babikian helping out the white in his second game of the night. It wouldn't be until the second before the score changed. Manville would put 3 home in the second. Mark Kosinski getting one that would knock your socks off. Campbell set up one and got one. The captain also on a helper Dan Dussault. Early in the third White Gloves Kosinski would get an early one for 4 unanswered. Vescera would cut the lead by 2 with Kevin Schleicher getting both. Manville would secure the win late in the game and it might have been Neil Foley on the first goal and last goal for Manville. I cannot confirm or deny this allegation. Manville would win 5-3 over Vescera Law. 

And finally the late game with the Final Touch and Green Goddess. Final touch was up in the first with 2 goals. Neil Yee doing what Neil does and got on the board with the help of Aimee Accinno and Jarred Martin. This trio would bring it all night. Derek Anderson filling in on the center spot, got the second one for the Touch. Go Sandy! Shannon Caverly and Evin Huguenin on the helpers. Early in the second Martin would get number 4 for the yellow, from Frank Nardone and Derek Madison. Green Goddess got on the board with a goal by Rob Fruggeiro. Yee would get another one, again with Aimee and Jarred. Aimee would get the next one with help from Yee. Neil would get another one to make it 6-1. Off to the races. Goddess was not done. A two on one at the end of the period would have Richie Dias get on the board from Fruggeiro. Fruggeiro would get a bullet in the same shift and cut the lead in half. In the third an early goal by Jarred Martin, from Yee and Accinno and that would do it. The third was a clamp down. Final Touch would win 7-3 over Green Goddess.

I really do love Christmas Time. I am blessed to have my hockey family. I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and or Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate. Family and friends are reminders of all the blessings we have. You cannot wrap them, you cannot buy them in a store. A gift given by someone, means they wanted you to have it. Bobby Jordan told me that. Makes sense. When you have a family like all of you, that is all I ever want. Thank you for a great year of hockey and friendship. 2024 will be even better!!! 

Merry Christmas!!!

Live, Breathe, Love............................................................HOCKEY!!