The New Beer is almost upon us

December 27, 2019

Hi everybody! How are you? I am fine, thanks.

Well I take it everyone had a delightful Christmas? I certainly did. Thanks for asking.

Did you know there was a hockey game last night. Actually there were three. Let's talk about it.

Gather 'round children.

Manny's came to see if they could keep their spot at the top. Green Goddess aimed to get there. In these games against the two teams, it is always an even match. Right down to the best goalie v. goalie match up. Mark Clarkin for the Green and Jay Pires for the Yellow. This game did not disappoint. In the first that was what it was, two goalies keeping their respective teams in the game. In the second the action started happening. In the first shift, Derek Signoriello capitalized from his blue line, breaking in to get the scoring started, due to the pass by Marc Dionne. Later in the period, Tommy Long Pants Gaboriault took the team on his back and the puck behind the net. Tommy would find Matt Connell (yes me) on the post for the score. The lead was short lived as Green Goddess would tie it up. Out of retirement was Joe Martin with the goal from Anthony Lisi and Eric Campbell. A shift later Steven Albertelli for the Green Goddess would set the shot up and Neil Foley would bend the twine for the goal. Thus ending the second with a new game. In the third much of the same some rough play in the corners, but in the end no harm, and a 1.5 minute foul. It would be halfway through the third when Brian Pendergast would light the lamp with the dagger. A beauty of a pass and finish. Jimmy Meegan would set him up with a pass from Scott Hawes. Manny's would stick it out to the end and get the 3-2 win keeping them in first place.

In Game 2 of the night, Manville Pizza would fight the good fight versus Votta Properties. It was tough to follow with the two dark jerseys and neither loving the pinnies. The cop would start the party, as Greg Landry would have himself a bit of a breakaway to crack the scoresheet. Later he would be the helper for Mike Bragan who would put one past the goal line. Late in the first Votta would cut the lead in half. Looks like sub from sub. As the second unfolded the teams and goalies Mike Dussault for the Pizza and Tommy Martins for the Purple, would keep the crease and behind them coal free. With the second about to expire, Pizza would stretch the lead with lucky number 7 (Pincince) hitting the back of the net from Mike Bonin and Steve Owens, thus ending the second. In the third, the new empire would strike back, with Ricky Votta putting the team on his shoulders getting it past Junior. Tying up the game. Ricky V would strike again, putting the purple out in front 4-3. This time as the helper for Nate Arruda, using Aimee Accinno as the screen. As Votta was celebrating the real Empire was plotting. With a minute left, they would pull the goalie and set up for the extra attacker. And it worked, Pincince would score with 52 seconds on the clock from, the hero of the game, Greg Landry. This is how it ended, taking your sister to the prom, tie 4-4. Great game though.

The warm room was full of delight to see what few would ever see, Gary Showtime Myers between the pipes. I know some times in Vegas there were rumors of pipes all around, but this time it means he was playing goalie. It would take Show a few minutes to get his legs under him. Unfortunately this would allow Roman Law to take advantage with 2 early goals. One from Shawn Smith and the other from Sean Coffey. Yep the Shawn's/Sean's were having their way with Show. He would settle in and stop the next 6. Peter Meegan would cut Roman's lead in half for Final Touch, bending the twine and beating Ma ma ma Mark Schiavone. Roman would pile on a few more early in the second, with Shane McCormick feeding one and scoring one. This with the help of Smith and someone in a Glen Medeiros jersey? Was Glen there? I didn't see him. Final Touch would again cut the lead in half with a goal from Jay Goyette, filling in for Richie. Show would keep his team in it for now, but Sean Coffey would wake up his team making it 5-2 and then early in the third 6-2 fed by Papa Bill Babikian. Shane McCormick would end the scoring for the Red with a goal midway through. Final Touch did not give up scoring 2 more one by Rick Mercuri from Mark Kosinski. Kosinski would find Goyette for their final push. It would not be enough as Roman would win 7-4. Not a bad debut for Show.

Did you ever lose your sticks? You think, who the hell took my sticks. Where are my sticks? Hmm and then you finally look down on the ground and there they are, like magic. Right Nate Patterson? haha.

Again, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Mine was busy. I did have all my family and friends around so, that is what makes the time special. As we get older and our kids are moving out and on to their families. It is important to gather them around for some good food and good laughs. And that Charlie Brown, is what Christmas is all about.

Next week, bring what should be your final payment of fees for the league.

I hope everyone has a great time on New Years eve and day.

Big Hug everyone!!!

Live, Breathe, Love...………………………………..HOCKEY!!!!!!