Change in the Weather

October 18, 2019

Unlike the schedule, I am up to date. Mike, Mike, MIKE, MIKE?

Friday night again and on the ice is our heros of the old the NRI AHL League of fame. In the first chapter Green Goddess had faced their arch nemesis Manny's Hockey Shop. The Maze and Navy came out with ferocity. From the back to the front, Derek Antunes jumped in the fray and put the first one on the board. Next The captain of the Hockey Shop, Derek Signoriello would score next with the help of the guest star, Jay Goyette. and yours truly. Porn Star made his appearance on the big screen and dug one in and they were off. But wait theres more, Goyette would take the pass from his opponent, yep, and would score. Just when it was getting really stupid, Goddess made a comeback. Foley would score from Adam Babikian. Fuck you Neil. Then just when you thought it couldn't get more exciting, Anthony Lisi would pop in the next for the Green. Goyette, would calm shit down for the Manny's and extend the lead once again from Sig. Goddess started changing the mo early in the second and got on the board again, Ken Beck would put the biscuit in the basket. Wow here we go. Brian Pendergast would get the puck to Jimmy Meegan to rescue stop the tide from turning. Richie Dias would close out the second with another and make it 6-4. WOW what a game. Midway through the third, Jimmy Meegan put the stamp on the game by a freakin ridiculous effort and popping it in to final the score, vaunting Manny's into first, game 7-4

Roman Law versus Final Touch face off in the second game. Roman Law would start quick with a goal by Sean Coffey, unassisted i might add. The touch with the help of Paul Bergy Bergeron would come right back a minute later and tie er up. Then Richie Dias would pop one in to take the lead. Nate Patterson would tie it up for Roman from Robbie"Cakes" Edelman. Late in the third, Peter Meegan would break the tie and go into the second Final Touch Leading 2-1. It would be a little more of a whistle and a puck drop before The Red Army would tie it up again. This time it would be Shawn Smith volleying for serve with Billy Boy Babikian feeding the monster. Eric (not just a beat cop) Rondeau would get the lead for Roma. Eh roma biene. Final Touch would not be phased, Mark Kosinski would tie it up again, unreal. Entertaining no? Rondeau thought so, he got the lead again for his boys on the red, this time from Glen Mederios. However, Final Touch said eff you Law boys, Richie Dias specifically, got the tie again. Unfortunately that is all she wrote for FT. Tim Sheehan would get a late goal in the second making it the game winner. While in the third it would be a rock fight, but Shawn Smith would extend the lead and later, Rondeau would get the Chapeau for his efforts making it three and being the hero. Final Score 8-5 Roman Law.

Run run to yallo Run run to the Yallo.......... Late games could use a little sniff to keep it going.

And here we are, late in the evening and Votta Properties would be pitted against Manville Pizza. The first was a tug of war, just 2 boxers feeling each other out. And then, Mike Bragan wanted an omlette, and you have to break the egg to make one. With just 2 seconds remaining Votta Properties would get hungry for some morning sandy with Glen Marshall saying that bitch better be gluten free mutha fucka. Votta would get the lead midway through the second as Kevin Webster got some flavah from boo. The lead would not last, Brian Beck would find the back of the net to tie it up. Then Aimee Accinno would help as a guest star, getting the game winner, fed by a rebound of Danny Dussaults shot. Mike Bragan would add to the lead in the third and Brian Beck would finish it off. Damn that was a damn fine game. Manville would pull out the win 5-2.

Great weekend of hockey. This league is all clogged up so far. All are in striking distance.

Please get your tickets early for next weeks game. It looks like the last one of the season, you know, according to the schedule.

Have a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love...........................Hockey!!!