Game ON!!!! Emperor rising...

October 2, 2021

Welcome to Winter !

After last nights games, how do you like your new team, unless your Manville, which is pretty much the same team as last season. LOL. Anyway, great to see all of you last night, after the long break.

In the first game, Manville Pizza took it to Votta, 6-1. The Franks brother Nick is pretty good. He got a couple of goals for the evil empire. Not much more to say. Although, lots of subs. Saw Teddy Lafond was out there, good to see him. Eric Yusczack was also out there. In the end, MPP got up early and finished strong.

Game 2, Final Touch pitted against Green Goddess. Goddess took this one 8-4. Dan Clare started it off for Final Touch with a beauty of a tip in, five hall from the point. Early in the second Goddess got started, scoring 4 unanswered. Andy Morrison would get 2 goals and 2 assists. Also, Note, Jay Cinq-Mars got a goal and 2 assists as well.

The story of the night, donned in the powder power blue, Mike Dussault would steal the game but shutting out and down the competition, Vescera Law. Edge Doctors captain, Adam Babikian would put the game winner at the 21 second mark of the first. Late in the period, Kreg Labelle would stretch the lead. And that is all she wrote. What the hell were the rest of you doing? Anyway, 2-0 win for Edge Doctor.

Saw a lot of 2 game warriors out there, lets get on the stick next week for your teams, those of you who took the time off.

Hope to see you all next week. And unless you paid the season, you owe the tuition fees for the season.

Live, Breathe, Love..................................HOCKEY!!!!