Its A Topsy Turvy World in Hockey

February 26, 2016

Its a topsy-turvey world in Friday Night Hockey. Last night, up was down, black was white, dogs and cats living together, Mass Hysteria!

The Manny's Hockey Shop, played as a team. The recipe for success against any team? Some how have the team they are facing be down a top player. That plan has worked now 2 weeks in a row. Although Manny's only tied the game, the team is playing much better. Danny Albertelli kept the team in the game, especially in the second period with a flurry of shots. It would take Manville Pizza to then end of the game with just under 2 minutes left to tie the game. Nick Miranda and Jarred Martin would score for Manny's and Frank Notorianni and Keith K. would get the goals for the Pizza. Mark Schiavone was brilliant between the pipes for Manville.

Final Touch was up 4-1 Ralph Espillat would snipe the first goal. Ralph the goal was put in as 44 so. You are ok with that right? After the explosion of goals, MSCCC would sharpen their skates and roll to a 6-5 win. Peter Meegan would get the hat trick. Way to go Captain Ahab, you put a sombrero on it. It wouldn't be enough as Mike Strayer would get a couple of goals and an assist to lead MSCCC in the comeback and win. Neil Foley would also score 2 goals and an assist for the Car Car Center.

When Bill Vescera scores his Law Firm Wins! and so it goes, Vescera Law would get the verdict and win the game over arch rival Roman Law! A tight game again as this one went to the wire. Chris Hammond would start the scoring for Vescera, Rob Edelman would come back from his IR and snipe the third goal. You can't hide Rob even with your odd ball number 57. Dan Claire would get the game winner with 4:45 left. On the other side, Roman Law would get goals from Joe Martin, Rich Dias and Eric Campbell.

Remember that there are actually only 5 more weeks of hockey. Please get your payments in to clear your account. If you are not paid in full, you are not eligible for the playoffs.

Have a great week everyone!

Live, Breathe, Love...... Hockey!