April Showers bring May Flowers!

April 17, 2015

ITS SHOWTIME: Final touch came out with a vengeance last night. The game was tight through 2 as Roman Law and Final Touch went punch for punch. Shawn Smith would end up with the knockout punch in the end and collect a hat trick in the wake of the Law draped all over him. Bobby Gravel was a  beast in his return to the fold coming up with a goal and an assist! Mike Baro kept his team in the game, even though Showtime thought he needed help in the end. Hope your finger is better, SHOW. 

After a season of disappointment in the winter, Eric Robichaud has put together the now mighty 401 Consultant team. In two games the Consultants led by Jay Cinq-Mars and Jimmy Meegan last night, both with a goal and 2 assists, tore apart Vescera Law early and often. Vescera made it a game in the end by scoring twice in the third. It just wouldn't be enough against this up and coming team. 

In the final match up of the night, ended in a tie between Manville Pizza and Mineral Spring Car Care Center. Jodi Pachomski was the man for the Manville with 2 goals. On the other side Gary Ouilette would score with Mike Ferreira's help. The Pizza was down by 2 after the first and scratched back to finish with a tie and some chemistry going into next week. 

Captains, I am using my power as the article writer to let you know I am available for next weeks game to sub! Along with my Roman Law brethren. 

Live/Breathe/LOVE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HOCKEY!!!! bring can jam next week Richie or Gary or both! 

And now, IT IS COMING! but we have to wait for Christmas dammit!