Sorry for the Late article

February 12, 2023

Happy Sunday all. 

Sorry about the really late report. If you know what I was doing yesterday, you would understand. Not really in the mood. 

Anyway, quick one for you. Votta lost to Edge Doctor, which reportedly was a great game. Albeit, ending in a 5-2 win by Edge. 2 empty netters with less than a minute left. Votta got their two goals by Andy Morrison. Ricky helped out with the assist on one of them. Edge didn't get anything until the second and scored 3 unanswered. Ralphie my boo with 2. That rhymes huh? anyway Pistol Pete with the other. Ahab in the house. Glen Marshall and Adam Babikian with the cherry's on top. 

In the second game, Vescera Law was up against some hot headed MPP's well one. Vescera went up 3-2 in the first with 2 goals by Iggy and one by Thomas. Thomas would end up with the sombrero at the end. At the end of the second it was 5 to 4 Vescera with Dan Clare getting the go ahead, MPP not going away though. Goals by Nate Patterson, Joe Martin and Chad Labaste. The third stared with a tie game, with Danny Dussault setting it up. Vescera would get three in a row from Iggy, Kevin Schleicher and Mike Thomas. Vescera over the top with 8-5 win.

Playoff atmosphere in the late one. Frank Zabata of Final Touch would end up the hero in net. Stole this game and got the shutout. Not mush to report. 2 good teams going at it. It felt like the playoffs. Shooter Mark Dionne would get both goals for the Final Touch, he was set up by Sean Coffey and the other was set up by Aimee Accinno and Steve Manning. 2-0 win for the Final Touch!

Hope you all have a great week.

Thank you all for the support these past 2 weeks. It has been rough for yours truly and one other in the league. Speaking for myself, my heart bursts with the amount of care and support I have from my hockey family. There are no better people in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Live, Breathe, Love..................................................HOCKEY!!!!!!!