March 29, 2019

Here we are Gentlemen and Lady. It was a season that is for sure. Some highlights would be Manny's crazy unbeaten streak. That would be until Ricky Votta and Votta Properties finally brought them down just before Christmas. In spite of that loss, Manny's would go on and only lose 2 more, once again at the hands of Votta and then Roman Law. Manny's would end up with the lowest goals against and third in overall scoring. Speaking of scoring, Shane McCormick would get the honor of having the most goals and the most in points, followed by Shawn Smith and Mark Kosinski, respectively.

Last nights action it was deja vu. Back on Oct. 26th, it was the same line up of games. It was also the same order. The scores were eerily similar. Back then Roman won 5-2 over Manville. Manny's had a shut out back then 3-0. Votta Properties did the same as last night and won 9-4. Speaking of shut outs, Manny's had 3 shutouts this year. Yes sir, Mike Baro was very good this year.

The real story of last night was, Manville Pizza Palace enjoying 2 periods of flawless hockey. Unfortunately, the 3rd period snuck right up on 'em. By the end of the second MPP was up 2-1 with Mark Kosinski providing the offense, one sneeky little goal that went found its way in on a wrap around. The third period came and it was just 18 seconds in that Roman would get to work. Rich Laplant would get the first one. Manville got the lead again with Jared Martin banging one home. And then it would be all Roman Law. Pete Meegan, Eric Campbell, Derek Franco Tim Sheehan and Shawn Smith for 2 more in the end to complete his Hat Trick. Damn what a third. Speaking of Tim Sheehan, He had a masterful pass to start the scoring in the game. Over the blue line he came. He then twisted a behind the back pass that resulted in the goal. WOW. As you know Roman won 8-4.

Manny's finished the season much like they started. 47 seconds in, Steve Owens would start the scoring. The next shift Showtime came down with Brian Beck and Scott Reilly. Like some sort of kismet North Smithfield thing going on with Beck and Reilly. There is a theme here, but it is just that Steve Owens would score again on a beauty from the top of the circle. And Showtime would finish the scoring for Manny's. 4-0. Green Goddess was in this game the whole time, but just could not get past Baro.

In the third game, it was all Votta all the time. By the time the 3rd period came it was already 6-0. Adam Babikian started the scoring as a birthday present to his poppa bear. Steve Albertelli would get the next one. Andy Morrison would get the game winner. Ralph Espilat would score next with Morrison getting another. Mike Strayer would score to end the 2nd. In the third, Albertelli would get another and so would Babikian. Albertelli would end the scoring with his Hat trick. On the other side of the ice, Jay Cinq-Mars would start the scoring for Final Touch. Too bad there was only about 2 minutes left in the game. Kevin Webster would end the scoring. A little too little a little too late. Votta wins 9-2.

So it looks like we have Votta Properties vs. Green Goddess in the second game next Friday. Roman Law will be pit against Final Touch in the first game. Vescera Law will get back to the rink for there playoff debut against Manville Palace Pizza in the late game. Manny's will have to wait and see who they will play on Saturday.

Any predictions?

Hope you all have a great week. Good luck in the playoffs.

Live, Breathe, Love..........................Hockey!!!

This one is for The Emperor's Cup...