Last Game of the season

August 16, 2014

Thanks to the captains this season for picking well at the draft. The talent was so close this season, every team has a chance.

The last games of the season were a tune up for the playoffs.

401 Consultants kept their reign over the rest of the league and Manny's in a decisive win in the early game. Rich Dias had the Hockey Shop on their heels all night.

In the second game, Manville Pizza needed to win and help from Manny's to overtake the Consultants for league supremacy. Neither was the case. Although, Manville made a comeback with Rob Edleman and Keith Kreaunelis getting them back in late, it was not enough. Captain Ahab and Sean Smith were standouts being fed by Mike Snyder.

In the late game, the attorneys debated in Hockey's high court. Roman Law would come out with the settlement. The biggest arguments coming from Mike Thomas, scoring 2 goals and 5 assists and Chris Hammond with 4 goals and 3 assists. On the other side of was Rich LaPlante making his own case with hat trick. It just was not enough.

It has been a great summer. Special thanks goes out to Bobby 'Goggles' Jordan for bringing the grill every week. Also, Thanks to Gary and Shannon for bringing Kan Jam.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.