Happy Groundhog Day!!!

February 2, 2018

Manville Pizza won in a close one in the first game of February. Although Final Touch started off the game with the first goal by Jim Gallagher, wait that was Glen Marshall. They both were wearing 15 and their skating is so similar, I got confused. Steve Owens would get Manville on the board. Mike Bragan would add to the tally just a minute later. But with just seconds left, Richie "I am the captain of a CO-CHAMPIONSHIP team" Dias would tie the game to close out the first. In the second Sean Forrant for Final Touch and Mark Kosinski for Pizza would trade goals in the beginning of the second a minute apart. Mike Bragan would get the next one for the Pizza 20 seconds later. Back and forth they went in the second but no one would budge. Manville Pizza would deliver in the third (the pizza jokes just right themselves) with Danny Dussault get the call and put the special with all the toppings in the oven.

Green Goddess would do their usual damage getting 7 goals against Vescera Law. Eric Campbell would set the tone with the first goal for the GG, set up by Kevin Bartels. Eric Robichaud would set up the next one for Green Goddess. Aaron Crossett would get the next one and all of a sudden, the Goddess would be up by 3. Rob Edleman would not let this become a rout as he would cap off the first to keep the Law in the game. Vescera would score 2 in the third Shane McCormick would get the one and so would Edleman would get one, both set up by Dominic Assini. 3 up for the game. That wouldn't last as the third would be owned by Green Goddess. Ralph Espilat would get the game winner and light that candle for Joe Martin, Eric Campbell and Andy Morrison. Four goals in the third to make it a runaway.

In the final game on this crisp and cold evening. Manny's would set the tone. Steven Albertelli would start the scoring after an 8 minute battle. The young Albertelli would beat his papa and the rest of Red, to get the game off the ground. Roman Law would battle back and start the second with a goal by Jarred Martin. Martin would find the loose puck after quite the battle in front. It would not last. Off the face off a d to d pass would go horribly wrong for yours truly and fortunately right for Mike Strayer. Late in the second, and I mean late in the second, 1.5 seconds left kind of late, Manny's would get another making it 3-2. The battle continued through the 3rd back and forth they went. Picture the scene, under a minute to go, Red pulls the goalie. The two centers are out together, Shawn Smith and Ray "Kenny, stop calling me Liota" Iannuccillo would hook up and put the puck in the net with 13 seconds left with Iannuccillo sliding the puck in. Hell of a game.

Note to Dan Dussault:  Mike Dussault is on a 2 game winning streak this week. On Wed, he was motivated by a hat. Yep a hat and he delivered. It begs the question, how did Danny motivate him?

Have a great week!

Live, Breathe, Love...........Hockey!!!!