Winter is winding down 4 weeks left

March 8, 2019

Welcome to the last 4 games of a lengthy season. Feels like just yesterday we were looking at the draft and saying, this team or that team looks great on paper. Too bad we don't play on paper.

With 4 games left going into this week Votta needed a win to keep up with the Jones's. Vescera was letting them in for most of the game. Votta started out strong with 2 goals in the first one from Young Steven Albertelli, set up by Rick Vasconcelos, more on him after. Later in the period, Mike Strayer with Chad Labaste. Vescera would get one of their own and cut the lead in half. Mark "Shooter" Dionne would put the biscuit in the basket from Nate Arruda and Glen Mederios. On to the second as the excitement mounted, the young Albertelli would set up the Asian Sensation, Andy Morrison to what looked like the put away. But, wait there's more. Late in the third, Nate Arruda would stare down his Portuguese brethren and spin him to the ice. Or was it a toe pick, in any event down goes Ricky Vasc and in went Arruda to cut the lead down 3-2. as the clock tick tick ticked away, it would not be over yet. Jerry Faye would pull off the miracle and tie up the game late. This may have sealed Votta's fate in the standings. A tie a tie dancing in the sky! 3-3

Onto the hottest team in FNH. Roman law comes in with points in their last 6 games. In this one they would face Final Touch. Touch would get there goalie back after a hiatus. Unfortunately, one shot into the game, Mark Schiavone would pull his hammy. Tim Sheehan of Roman law would take advantage of the goalies pain 2 times before Schiavone would head down the tunnel. Richie Dias would fill in while they waited for the emergency back up, Jay Pires. In the meantime, Dias would make 4 saves without goalie gear. With Pires finally in the Touch would get out of the period. In the second Mike Bragan would be set up by Kevin Webster, to cut the lead in half. These two have become a dynamic duo. Final touch would get the next one as well to tie the score, Ken Beck from Richie and Andy Meegan. Pete Meegan of Roman Law would not let the tie last. He would bring it in Richie LaPlante's pass to fill the void in the net. Final Touch would get 2 more to end the period with Richie putting it over and making it 4-3. The 3rd belonged to Roman. Pete from Eric Campbell to tie it, Campbell would get the next one and the game winner. Derek Franco would impress his kid with the two final goals. Timmy Sheehan would end ou with 4 points to lead the team 2 goals 2 assists. And Roman would finish the game 8-4.

In the late game, Manny's faced off against Manville Palace Pizza. Manny's has been involved in close games all season with this team. A couple of ties in fact. Tonight was not the case. Manny's came out firing with 4 goals in the first 2 from Mike Thomas, 2 from Glen Marshall. Marshall would end up with a Hatty, as well as Thomas. Pizza would never give up getting a goal in the second in a mad scramble that ended up with Gary Ouilette scoring from Mark Kosinski. Gary would get another one in the third and Dan Dussault would help the cause with a rainbow toss that hit the back of the net, where the gold and the leprechaun were hanging out. In the end, Manny's helps their cause towards the presidents cup. 10-3.

What did we learn last night. Well Manny's needs 1 point to clinch the first spot in the playoffs. The Babikians throw each other under the bus to their significant others. I expect that from a dad to a mom, you know "did you hear what Adam did". but a dad to the boys girlfriend? Not cool man not cool. More about the Babikians, apparently Billy thought Adam was going to be a girl. Turns out..... was he right? Hmm. So, you may think that Manny's had clinched last night. However, they still need to get a point. If the season ended with Manny's and Roman in a tie for points. That would mean Roman would have more wins. Which is the first tie breaker. the second is head to head where Mannys' has the advantage. Roman can only get to 32 points but to get there they would need the 14 wins and Manny's would only have 13, if they lost the next two games. Right down to the wire. Nothing is etched in stone. Well except, Green Goddess cannot get out of the basement. Sorry GG. The good news, Junior is a playoff goalie. This could be the long shot bet the Babikians are searching for.

Exciting hockey, exciting times. Hope y'all have a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love........................HOCKEY!!!!!