Upcoming games, just because I felt like it

May 23, 2018

Matty chronicles

U Manny's Hockey shop, lead  by Derek Signoriello has had a pretty hot hand this season. Tommy G is looking fast and brutal, see last weeks 4-1 win over Final Touch where Tommy G scored 3 of the four. However, Votta Properties led by Big Handsome himself, Ricky Votta, the original "Ricky V", has proven they are right on the edge. With the likes of Steven Albertelli and Rob Edleman they could get the upset. Don't forget, "MR. SHOTS" Eric Campbell being a pest. Its a tall task with the CLARKIN playing as well as he has. Time will tell. 

Can someone please tell me what is up with Green Goddess? Like Final Touch, you cannot predict anything. Well one thing, Mike Bragan is damn good. That you can predict. They Play The LAW, Vescera Law, led by the man himself Bill Vescera. Bill put together Baro and the Arruda's (sounds like a 50's greaser band) creating this team to be solid. Goddess has their work cut out for them. However, they always have some trick up their sleeves and make me wonder, who are these guys! 

In the late game Final Touch and Manville Palace Pizza go head to head. This game is up in the air. Mike Thomas has been a beast for The Pizza. Emperor himself has been consistent keeping the opposition off the scoreboard. A solid defense rounds out the Black which makes it a tall task for any team in this league. Final Touch on the other hand, comes in with a shaky 3-3 record. They look so great on paper, but we don't play on paper. Final Touch has to get their heads out of their asses and put some goals on the board to prove they can keep up with the elite in this league. (last part was my frustration) its my forum. F...Off 

Good luck all Friday. Remember win or lose we always booze, but the beer is bitter after a loss. 

And now for some pearls of wisdom from Mr. Snoop Dogg "the Greater one" 

Live, Breathe, Love..........................................................HOCKEY!!!!!