Happy Easter and whatever else you freaks celebrate

April 16, 2022

In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it.

Hello, and welcome to the Friday night report. I am your host Matty C. Lets get rockin and rolling as the first 2 teams of the evening made it a close one. In the first, the action heated up early for Edge Doctor in the powder blue nurses uni's. Neil Foley would flex his muscles and put the blue on the board. Eric Rondeau and Adam Babikian on the assists. Mike Thomas would stretch the lead to 2 for the blue. Next and just 30 seconds later, Adam Babikian would make it 3-0 and not look back, Thomas on the helper. The period was not over yet. Quick Dam in the Orange would get on the board with 2 minutes left in the first. Chad Labaste would dust off their side of the score sheet. He was helped by Ralphie "the boo man group" Espilat and Glen Medeiros. In the next shift Shawn Smith would show the team how it is done and get one before the period was over. Now the second was a dazzling display of fortitude and tenacity. Until the end of the period, where Edge Doctor got one from their fearless captain. Brian MacDonald and Rondeau on the assist. This Eric Rondeau is Jonny Apple Seed with all his helpers. Midway in the third, oh by the way we are in the third now, keep up, Quick Dam would get one back. Shawn Smith would start the sweat for Edge. Less than a minute later, Jarred Martin would get it tied up. Medeiros and My Boo on the assists. Now it's a game. Time to nut up or shut up. And The Edge Doctor Nutted up. It would be the usual suspect, Kreg Labelle, set up by Jay Cawley, and get the game winner late. 5-4 Edge DR. edging this one out.

Damn, i need a new pair a shorts after that excitement. Let's talk about the next game. Votta Properties versus Vescera Law. Talk in the warm room says this could be a preview of the finals this year. Jinx. Well, let's be honest, Votta and Vescera have been very good this year. Votta had been just a little better. It would take til the second to start proving it. Although, Vescera had their chances, some just a hair off, Votta would get on the board. I could end this portion of the article quick. Drop the puck in the second, Mark Kosinski from Mike Bragan and Derek Antunes as the QB. 4 shifts later Kosinski from Bragan and Joe Martin. In the third and to cap of the Hat Trick, Kosinski from Brian Cormier. Votta 3-0 over white. This would clinch the first place spot. This would also clinch the second place spot by with the collateral damage.

Late in the evening, Green Goddess and Manville Pizza would start the sparks for what would turn out to be a barn burner. At the drop of the puck, Shannon Murphy would set up Neil Yee with just 22 seconds clicked off the clock to start the game. Yep, that is Shannon the goalie, playing the right wing spot and making a difference. If you notice she was wearing Aimee Accino's jersey and getting some good mojo out of it. Aimee your still in the top of the stats. Two minutes later Al Whitton would bend the twine, set up by Andy Morrison. Neil Yee would get the next one a shift later, set up by Whitton. And another shift later, Whitton would score from Yee. 4-0 before you know it. Manville Pizza said collectively, fuck you. Literally sending Shane McCormick to cut the lead in half with 2 quick ones at the end. he would be set up by Nick Nardone. Interestingly enough, his brother was on the defense against him. Happy Easter. Its all good as Green Goddess got a goal in the second at the 22 second mark, deja vu? This time it was Andy Morrison unassisted to make it 5-2. Midway through Gary Ouilette would put one in and really stretch the lead for the Goddess. Do you think that is enough. Not for MPP. late in the period, Nick Nardone would stick one in from Rick Mercuri. Onto the third and this is where it gets messy. Glen Marshall would get the goal early and cut the lead again. Green Goddess was not done, don't fret. Andy Morrison would answer on the next drop of the puck. If you are counting, it now is 7-4. 7 fucking 4 with 9 minutes to go. Here we go, Manville Pizza on the move. Unleash the McCormick against the Clarkin. McCormick would score with help from Mercuri. 7-5. Rick Mercuri from Nardone and McCormick. This was a mess in front of the net and Mercuri capitalized. 7-6 WT everliving F. MPP not done, The captain himself, Daniel Dussualt would tie the game with less than 2 minutes left. Goddess should be ashamed of themselves. They are not. 7-7 tie did feel like a win for Manville and loss for the Goddess. But it was a tie and Goddess does Clinch the 2 spot.

Wow what a great night of hockey. My goodness, talk amongst yourselves, I'm all furclempt over heeeya.

So, Votta clinches the number one spot. Goddess clinches 2. Edge Doctor could leap frog Vescera Law for the third spot with a win next week over Manville. Vescera is idle next week. Quick Dam is solidly in the 7th spot. Other than that, their are a few nuances that could shift things around in the middle. Like, if Edge ties, the rules say, Pts., wins, head to head, goal differential and toin coss. Which would give Vescera the 3rd spot. Same thing with Manville taking the 5 spot if they win, even though points are tied, they would have more wins and take over Final Touch. A win by Final Touch would keep them in the 5 spot.

Anyway, next week is the final week of the season. I believe most if not close to all have settled their accounts with the League officials. Ie, Jim G. and Mike Jr. Please make sure if you are unable to play the playoffs, you need to take care of that now with your captain, or they are screwed and get a lesser player. Do it first, do it now.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and sees their loved ones.

Live, Breathe, Love...............................HOCKEY!!!