Manville Pizza on a streak, Manny's continues streak

December 14, 2018

Let's start with a couple of Upsets. Manville Pizza, although seemingly an upset, would beat Roman Law. However, Manville has been on a hot streak, going 3-2-1 over the last 6. It easy to see why they are doing so well, Dave MacDonald has really stepped up his game in net. Tonight's action would pit Roman Law against the evil empire. Roman would come out hard and score in the first. Shawn Smith would get a great pass from Eric Campbell to start the scoring. Campbell would miss an open net on the same combination, hitting the plumbing and draining into the sewer. MPP would get the next 3 and own the second. Captain Dan Dussault would feed Mark "White Gloves" Kosinski (black gloves now) to start the tear for MPP. Danny would get his own with a feed from Steve the baker Manning and the bun was in the oven. Sean Forrant (YEP, i know right, effort pays off) would get the game winner. Not only that but Sean would get a hat trick to close the door on Roman Law. Mannville would win 6-2.

Another upset of sorts, would be Final Touch over Votta Properties. This one started in a stalemate in the first. Votta started the scoring off of the drop of the puck in the second with Ralphie Espilat would feed the goal scorer. number 21? Late in the second Kevin Webster shows why he is the teams leading scorer and ties it up unassisted. Neal Foley would get the next one set up by Webby and Rick Mercuri. Ricky Votta would take his team on his back and get the next one to tie it up again from "MY BOO". It wouldn't last as Mike Bragan would get the next 2 late in the third to take the 2 goal lead and the game winner. Both of the goals would be fed by Ken Beck. Votta would make it interesting with Mike Strayer getting a late goal to make interesting. It would not be enough as that would be it and Final Touch would get the upset. ONE IN A ROW. WOOOOOO!

The Late game would be a blow out. Manny's, coming off their by week, were apparently prepared for Green Goddess. Joe Martin would start the scoring on his way to the "little stick" award. Next, Steve Owens would get set up by Joe and the Gold were off and running. Derek Signoriello was on the shelf for this one with an ankle injury. Filling in was Glen Marshall, who would set up Mike Thomas. Joe Martin would end the 1st the same way it started, by scoring from Owens and Scott Reilly. Off and running Manny's would look unstoppable. That would be until The TENFORTY kid would pop in the next one from his cohort in crime, Peter Meegan and less we forget Shannon Calvary. Shannon by the way, would get a stick in the face, but with that put a chip on her shoulder and get 3 points for her team. The only real GG player to get a point. Manny's, would get it back right away with Marshall again hooking up Thomas. In the end, Steve Owens would get a well deserved Hat Trick. Derek Antunes would show that he can play anywhere on the ice and score, plus 2 assists as forward. The final score Manny's 9, Green Goddess 3. Sorry Charlotte, Daddy couldn't repeat his 5 goal game, just 2 tonight. Manny's continues its unbeaten streak, this time with a win.

Richie and company, thank you for the pizza and ridiculously large salads.

Another great night of hockey for all. This season is 12 games in, marking the halfway point next week.

Hope everyone is on the nice list this season.

Have a great week.

LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE...........................HOCKEY!!!!!!!