The Unbeaten Streak is Over. MERRY CHRISTMAS

December 21, 2018

Roman Law gets back on track with a decided win over Vescera Law. V-Law has been on a down slide and needs to get back to their winning ways. While R-Law had been inconsistent,Tim Sheehan showed the way to put in the deciding 2 goals. Roman Law is the better Law over Vescera, 8-6.

Manville PP continue their winning ways with another dazzling performance by Mark (yes I have the white gloves today) Kozinski. White Gloves had a Hat Trick and an assist. Shane McCormick and Ray Iannuccillo were the goal scorers for Green Goddess, who put in a heck of an effort but came up short. MPP Wins 6-4 over Green Goddess.

And now the demise of Manny's Unbeaten Streak. Votta Properties got an early Christmas Present and beat the unbeaten 2-1. The goals came in the first period for the Purple as they put two goals past Mike Baro. That is all they would need. Manny's put a better effort in, especially towards the end, with Derek Antunes putting one past Jay Pires who was otherwise stellar between the pipes. Votta wins 2-1 over Manny's.

Although its been said, Many times, in many ways, Merry Christmas to all of you! Have a safe and happy Holiday.

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