Green Eggs and Meat-Suitcases

February 13, 2015

Two Fridays ago, it was quite a show. With the power house Law and Car Care Center skating to a Draw. It took a period, no three, before the scoring spree. Each side would get one score, yet it would not be a bore. It was a game for the ages, and now is on these pages.

The Pizza Palace was all a twitter as Kraunelis would flicker. Keith would take shots and man was he hot. With 5  points in all, Keith would have a ball. The rest of the team would pick up the steam. The HOOV tried to make her move, she then yelled fudge, as the MEAT-SUITCASE would not budge. The Consultants would be scorn as the game was now forlorn. 

In the final game of the night, it would be a great fight. With back and forth action that was of great satisfaction. In the end it would be Brian that would not be crying. He got himself points equaling 5 with a hat trick of assist that would leave Vescera Law pissed. In the end it would be a guest with the game winning best.

Showtimes team is gaining some steam as in this weeks game they won just the same. A comeback late by the FT's great. Brian Beck would score not just one or two but as many as four. He would be helped by a few as Gabireault would score two. Showtime would add his own stamp as four assists made them champs.  In the end it was the Car Care Center shy by two but feel the refs missed a few. 2 goals in and out and the team began to shout. It went for both sides, but Mineral Spring could not abide. 

Game two of the draw was Law versus Law. This game would see Red making strides over the ice as they sped. They were up by a lot at third period start. They didn't count on white getting four in this fight. It would be Figerado who would finish the job while Kevin Tondreau would help with a few lobs. 

With the west coast feed, it would be a great 3rd game indeed. Mannys and Manville, great teams were fueled as they went back and forth to get the league ruled. The Palace would strike first as Kraunelis would burst. One of his two would be all the pizza could do. Duece was in net and kept out the threat. On the other side was Mark S. who played at his best. It would be Ken Beck's line to bend the twine and the Martins would get together for the tying measure. 

I hope you enjoyed the read, as it was fun to write indeed. 

Live, Breathe, LOVE…….Hockey!!!!