Shits and Giggles Hockey for the time being.

May 28, 2020

From the desk of Peter Meegan

2:39 PM Thursday, May 28th. 2020
to me

Per order of Jim Gallagher and Mike Dussault Jr., I am putting together 7 on 7 ice hockey games on Friday nights throughout the month of June. I will be running upto three games per night depending on demand. The cost will be 18 bucks per player including goalies. There will be no refs or scorekeeper. One goalie and six skaters per team. Example times 740, 850 & 10.if demand exist. 6 locker rooms 5 players per room, this is the reason we can play again immediately after zamboni. No showers, in and out, to cam jam parking lot. 

If you want to play, contact your winter captain. If each team has more or less the entire team wanting to play, we rotate in as best we can. 

If you were not on a team this past winter, contact Peter Meegan, or a captain you know. 

God bless hockey. 

Live, Breathe, Love......................................Hockey!!!