Friday Night at its best

October 12, 2018

PSA for your Generosity:

Firefighter Craig Garrett was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called "Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor" and is currently on leave from the Smithfield Fire Department effective immediately. To help support Craig and his family in this time of need, Fire Fighter's local 2050 is holding a fund raiser at Twelve Acres on Sunday October 21st, from 1pm - 9pm. Tickers are $50 for adults, $10 for children under 15. This is a kid-friendly event, with music, food, and draft beer included. (Well, no beer for the kids...) For tickets and more info, visit @oktoberfest76 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or our website

...............And now for something completely different

Vescera Law is finding its groove. The Law came out strong against the Green Goddess. Marc "Shooter" Dionne, using his skills honed from the SWS Chiefs organization, ahhhh yes remember when...doodidooo doodidooo. He grabbed the pass on the right side of the slot from Paul Praderio. I think he was making up for the open net he missed just a shift before. Rob Edleman would get number two from Bill Vescera. Glen Medeiros would get the next one which he would have a look what I found moment and a great backhander. This one from Shooter and Edleman. Heck of a line for the Law. Goddess would get back into the game with a goal by Shane McCormick. In the end, Vescera would get a beauty that would seem to have eyes and hit Junior on the inside of his right pad and find five hole. This would close out the scoring and give Vescera the win. 

Why? that is my question Why? Why does Votta Properties have to go out and score 9. Andy Morrison would start the ball rolling from Steven Albertelli. 6 different scorers would help out in the next 3 periods. Steven Albertelli would get the hat trick. Scoring came from Paul Bergeron with 2. Ricky Votta would get one and 2 assists. Ralphie "BOO" Espilat would get a goal and 2 assists. Mike Strayer would grab 3 assists. In the end, it was a 9-3 game. On the Manville side, Mark Kosinski would get a goal and an assist and Scott Hawes would get his first of the season. Votta is not in 4th and climbing the ladder

The final game would pit Final Touch against Manny's. Manny's would be on their heals early as Mike Bragan would do what he does best and scored. Manny's would do as they were requested by their goalie Mike Baro, they scored in the second. Derek Signoriello would grab the goal to tie it up and start the fire. Scott Reilly would chip in for the Gold. Anthony Lisi would get the first goal in the 3rd with just a couple of minutes on the clock. Final Touch would pull Mark Schaivone to get on the board and make it close. Baro would hold the fort and Reilly would put the puck in the empty ocean to finish the game. 4-1 Manny's.

Have a great week everyone. Rich Dias is playing at Lyrics in Tiverton tonight (Saturday) if anyone is interested.

Live, Breathe, Love............Hockey!!!!