Let's see how long this takes before my phone blows up!?

May 6, 2023

Good Morning people! Hope everyone slept well.

Last nights action has driven me to do something to see how long things take.

In last nights action, poor Mike Baro didn't really allow a goal last night. One of my shoulder and one off Pendergast's foot. And an Empty net. Plus Vescera had Chris Santiago in net. So, I feel like that is a forfeit. But, I wanted to give Jim Meegan a goal. So, one nothing folks. Hope no one is mad. By the way, Rob Edelman is vindicated from last week. I busted his balls for the one goal last week he tipped in, Karma is a bitch.

In game two, vindication as Edge Doctor beat up on Santiago. Probably tired from standing on his head from the previous game. Manville had Pete Meegan doing the work with a couple of goals. After that it was all Votta. 3 goals by Ray Iannuccillo and 3 by Steve Lombardi. Really that was the story. Votta wins 8-2 over the Pizza party.

The Emperor has risen! A hell of game played by Mike Dussault Jr. Was he on enhancement drugs? Did he have some of the Tequila that Rob Edelman brought? Not sure. Mike was awesome. Edge Doctor and Quick Dam went at it. In the first Edge Doctor started the scoring with Adam Babikian taken his team under his wing. Quick Dam, with Rich Laplant with the lone goal, Shawn Smith and Bob Watts on the assist. In Period 2 and 3 it was all Edge on the edge the whole rest of it. Mark Kosinski with a couple and Adam with another plus Kreg Labelle getting on the board. In any event that was the game Edge with a 6-1 win.

Ok, by the end of this article, I thought I would have gotten a few texts. Welp, tune in later today to see what happens.

Have a great day!

Live, Breathe, Love....................................HOCKEY!!!!