Its Been a While Since I first saw you

July 10, 2021

Well, we are 5 games in to the season. I have been lacks to say the least, of my duties of being the groups orator. 

So 3 Weeks ago we had a series of games. I was not involved. However, it went like this, Votta Properties got a point for the season. It was a 1 to 1 tie with Vescera Law. Jay Cawley got the goal for Votta and they are on the board. 

In game 2 of week 4, Edge Doctor and Green Goddess skated to a 4 - 4 tie. Match period goals with Goddess scoring first, but wait, Edge Doc scored 30 seconds later in the first. Adam Babikian for Dr. Goddess had a sub. In Period 2, Brian Pendergast got 2 for the docs, and someone got 2 for the Goddess. in the third early in the third a sub got a goal for the Docs. and someone got one for Green Goddess to tie it up and that was the game. 

In the late game of week 4 Quick Dam went at it with Manville Palace Pizza. Guess What, Quick Dam won. 2 goals in the first versus 2 goals to Pizza. Pizza came out on fire getting a goal 37 seconds into the game. Glen Marshall got er done for the MPP. Keith got the other one. Neil Foley and Scott Webber got the goals in the first for the QD. In the second, it was mainly Quick Dam. Richie Dias got 2 and Sean Coffey got one, as well as a sub. MPP could only manage one for the second, Kevin Webster would provide it for the MPP. And that is all she wrote kids. QD wins 6-3

Last night, talking bout last night. 

QD puts themselves in first with a tie against Green Goddess. Goddess got out to an early lead with Peter Meegan scoring 2 in the first, one of the initial face off. Quick Dam got one from Scott Webber. in the second Jimmy Meegan did the work for his team. All Meegan's all the time. Quick Dam got 2 goals in the second Andy Morrison and Richie Dias took care of business. In the third Scott Webber would tie it up. 4-4 

Edge Doctor and Vescera Law would take the second game on and Vescera would get out in front early. Kevin Schleicher would get them on the board. And then the second period came. The Edge took the Edge. Brian Pendergast would turn fire, and put it in the top corner where granny don't dust. Still in the second, Jimmy Galvin got on the board. We also almost lost some teeth with Eric Campbell catching it up high. He is ok and as handsome as ever. In the third, as Final Touch was getting ready, the roar of the bench was unmistakable as the Doctor sealed the deal with a third goal, Kreg Labelle doing his usual work. 3-1 win for Edge Doctor. 

Late in the game, Final Touch and Votta Properties went at it. Let's just say, Welcome back Steve Albertelli. Albertelli got 4 of the 7 goals for Final Touch. Mark Kosinski, Shooter Dionne and Mark Ferriera got the other goals. On the Votta side, Shane McCormick would get his usual and put 2 goals on the board. While late in the game, Eric Rondeau would get one past Mike Perry in net for Final Touch. Win for FT 7-3. 

Ok Boys and Girls, time to pay up. The piper called and wants his rent. Seriously, payment is due for the season. Please see Jimmy Gallagher to pay up. Thank you. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Hope to see all next week. 

Live, Breathe, Love............................................HOCKEY!!!