Didn't see a thing but lets see.

May 3, 2019

Game one, Manny's would be over a barrel off the face-off. Jay Arruda would put the pill in the bottle and start the show for Vescera Law. Brian Pendergast would take the reins for Manny's and get back the goal. Peter Meegan would get the next two and then Kevin Bartels would run the blue line and make it 4 - 1 at the end of one. Pendi would get the next one from Shannon Caverly and make it the game winner. Vescera would make a come back in the third with a couple by Shane McCormick and one by Bill Vescera. It would not be enough as Derek Signoriello would get the final 2 and make it out of reach for the competition.

In the middle game Final Touch would come out strong.  Whoever played for Ralph Espilat would get the start of 4 points in this one. Roman Law would claw their way back right at the end of the first, stringing 2 together with Andy Morrison and Paul Bergeron topping off the period and taking the lead. On comes "My BOO"s body double and getting the tying goal just 2 shifts in. Roman law would get over the hump later in the second and take the lead again. Then we start the third and it is deja vu all over again with Ralph’s number whoever got another one to Tie it up again like as sailor. What they didn't count on was, Peter Meegan scoring back to back goals from Andy Morrison. Boo would get the hat trick and an assist on Eric Campbells goal to close out the game. Roman would get the win by a whisker.

In the final game, it was all Votta all the time coming out of the gate. At the end of 1 it was 3-0 with Ricky Votta starting the net bending. Adam Babikian would follow and then Votta would get an assist on whoever played for them and had number 6 on his jersey. In the second the Pizza was served. Mark Kosinski would put the pie in the oven, unfortunately, it didn't rise. The properties were in a buyers market as they put the polish on the apple with another goal by Votta himself and Nate Arruda finishing the game off.

Special players of the week: Derek Signoriello (pulled the punch instead of putting down the hammer). Briand Pendergast, Andy Morrison, Ralphs sub and Ricky Votta.

Great week. Wish I could have been there, well on the ice.

Have a great week. Remember most of us have 2 games next week.

Live, Breathe, Love..................................HOCKEY!!!