December 1, 2017

Manville Pizza started the night off strong for the NRI Hockey Faithful fans. The pizz would grab 2 in the first both set up Dan Dussault the teams moral leader and captain. Steve Owens would get the first goal and help set up Mark Kosinskis goal with Dussault. Manville Pizza would find themselves up by 3 early in the second set up by Tommy Gaboriault and Larry Lefebvre. (is that La-Fab-Vreee or LE-FAY-V, nobody but Larry knows). As all things go, the shutout would not last. Dominic Assini would break the balloon for Vescera Law. (Good luck Will with the Naval Academy interview). Tommy G would grab that back with Larry helping out again, making it 4-1 Pizza. Kosinski would pop another one home making it 5-1. But back comes Vescera. Robby Edleman would keep his team in it. Again the Pie deliverers would deliver another and stretch the lead. Keys to this one was Mike Dussault in net, Larry Lefabre and Steve Owens. Lest we forget Mark Kosinski with a Hatty. Final would be 8-4.

The second game would require new Refs as the last refs had to play in this game. Manny's versus Votta Properties. Manny's came out quick with goal Mike Strayer, who was a beast all night. He would be set up by the captain and ref of another game, Derek Signoriello and Jimmy Meegan. This was all Jimmy who missed on the tip in from the point but stayed with the puck and putting it out to the slot where Strayer would bang it home. At the end of the first, there was a felony theft by Anthony Lisi. A nice pick pocket of the puck right in front of Jason Pires, who had no chance. Tie game wow. In the second Stayer would strike again for Manny's getting set up by Mike Thomas. Shannon Cavalry would stretch the lead to two in two from Bill Babikian. In the middle of the third, Captain Derek would put the candle on the cake, the nail in the coffin, the anchor in the harbor and put the game away, helped out by Paul Bergeron and Babikian.

The late game was the game of the night, because I was in it. Ha ha! The game was a stalemate in the first thanks to the goal tending of Mark Schaivone for Green Goddess and Dan Albertelli for Roman Law. Ray Iannuccillo, would break the glass and with his breakaway, five hole finish. It would be the only goal of the second and the game to this point. Back and forth they would go. Timmy Sheehan would explode a shot and spray it all over the back of the net. Captain Smith would draw the defense to him leaving Sheehan wide open for the shot. In the same shift, Greg Landry would pop in the next one from Smith, taking advantage of the MO. The Green Goddess would not let this game be all Roman all the time. Aaron, the big Palooka, Crossett would put the green on the board. The next goal would be from Goddess's own Eric Campbell. You could almost smell Mickeys as he took the shot. Ralph " MY BOO" Espilat would set him up with Eric Rbbichaud setting up the play from the point. Both teams were in full balloon knot pucker as this was close, close like a lingerie shop without a front window. It wouldn't last as Roman Law would stretch the lead. Landry would again be set up by Sheehan and Smith. Smith would complete his 4 point night with the empty netter. And Rome takes down the Philistines.

What a great night of hockey. All closer games than the scores would suggest.

Hope everyone had a chance to pay, but without Mr. President, not everyone got a chance. Please pay up. You should be at your 4th installment.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love..................Hockey!