The Matty Chronicles: Drones and Blue Balloons

March 4, 2017

Roman Law came off their bye week with posting up 8 over MSCCC in early action. Ricky Votta, with the hands that shape the game, scored twice and assisted on 2 to lead his team to the big victory. Ralph Espilat put up a goal and three assists to catapult him into the top of the stats, leading the league in points. Craig Pizzo scored the final goal for the Gray receiving a great pass on a bang bang play. Unfortunately for the Car care center, It would be too little and way too late.

The second game of the evening would feature Manville Palace Pizza and Manny’s Hockey Shop, Two Rhode Island Institutions and two heavy weights in the league.
The first star goes to Frank Notorianni, with a hatty and an assist. On the other side of the ice, the man the myth, the legend Jay Cinq-Mars gets a hat trick! Congrats Jay, right place, right time and trigger pulled. Derek Signorello would get a goal and 3 assists, despite a nasty collision early on with Chris Bolton. It was all Pizza for all of the game. Started the game 5-1 after one period. Manny’s got close in the second after 2 by Cinq-Mars. Pizza would win 11-5 and keep themselves at the top of the standings.

Late in the night, Final Touch and Vescera Law would face off. This game saw the return of a fan favorite in Jay Arruda to play along side his brother Nate. There was definitely a buzz in the air in this one. Oh, wait it was a literal buzz in the air as Mark Schaivone would be filming some of the action from his hover craft.
This was a great game, back and forth action in all 3 periods. The Captain, Pete Meegan would get the Touch on the board with a goal set up by linemates, Glen Medeiros and Tom Gaboriault. Nate Arruda would get Vescera on the board with assists by his mates, Joe Martin and Bill Figerado. That would be all for white, as Jerry Fahey would get the game winner for the blue and gold. The star of this game was Eric Governo with the insurance goal. Late in the game, Meegan would get his second with an empty netter.

Final Touch remains in first place and will be playing Manny’s next week in the early match up. Roman Law will be up against Vescera Law in the cream filled middle. Late in the evening will be Manville Pizza trying to deliver versus Green Goddess.

Lots of compelling stories coming out of this season, starting with Jodi coming back from long I.R. Same with Paul Praderio, with an odd circumstance of a puck bruise turning into an infection. Bobby “Goggles” elects to have surgery on his arm. Last but not least, Anthony Lisi had been playing with a broken hand and finally had surgery, which will not allow him to get off the shelf. We hope for speedy recoveries by Bobby and Anthony. This winter season is winding down and playoffs are looming. There is exciting hockey to come.
Manville looks like the team to beat, putting up 11. Final Touch has been playing solid hockey especially the blue liners. Roman is a power house with great scoring and defense. What about Manny’s? How about MSCCC and Vescera? Maybe Green Goddess will pull it together? Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Manny's solidifies their lineup with Jerry Fahey getting picked up off waivers to replace the injured Goggles. They have also gotten strength on the blue line replacing Nathan Bookbinder with the wiley veteran Mark Faria. In the meantime Final Touch is still looking for a replacement for the injured Lisi.

Manny's has now shot up the power rankings having their roster is set.

Live, Breathe, Love………………….Hockey!!!!!!!!