Friday Night Winter is Closing in on the End of The Season

March 25, 2016

Friday night started with a match up of the baby blues 401 Consulting and the cloudy grays of MSCCC. 401 struck first as Brian Beck would crack out the first of his sombrero. The car care center answered with a goal of their own tying it up just 2 shifts later. The second would end with 401 leading just 2-1 in this tight match up. Beck would wind it up in the third on his second shift. MSCCC answered with Pete Sanchione getting his second. This is as close as the Gray would get. 2 more goals in consecutive shifts would be all the Consultants would need. Final tally 401 6 Car Care Center 2

930 is a great slot for hockey night in America. Well, it is for Manville Palace Pizza, anyway. Manville started out strong getting 2 quick goals. Sean Smith, the Captain of Roman Law would answer late in the first to make it 2-1. Early in the second Roman would tie it up. The Pizza would answer and keep the lead. It would be the third period where Roman really pushed it and Eric Campbell and Rich Dias would get a goal each from Smith. However it would not be enough as Frank Notorianni would grab 2 goals and secure the win with just over 2 minutes left in the game.

In the final game of the night from the west coast, Mannys Hockey Shop would duke it out with Final touch. Both teams skated to zero/zero tie in the first. Manny's would finally strike 3 minutes in as Jarred Martin would find the Emperors five hole. Manny's would not be done and crashed in the second goal. Final Touch would not give up and would get a goal early in the third to cut the lead in half with a shot tipped in by Ralph Espillat. Manny's knew they would have to get another goal to put this one away. Paul Praderio would take the puck from Shannon Calvary and finish with half the period to go. Manny's Goal tending and Defense would hold off Final Touch and grab the win.

Manny's has put 5 great games together and hasn't lost since February 12. Manny's may be the hottest team going into the playoffs. Of course they are not. Manville Palace Pizza is the hottest team in the league and has secured their spot at the top of the standings and will get the by in the first round.

The playoff standings look like this, the top 2 spots are cemented with Manville winning the presidents trophy. Roman Law has secured number 2. If Final Touch can beat Roman Law next week they will still need help from MSCCC, to leap over Vescera Law in the third spot.  Although, sources say Final Touch has been sandbagging. These rumors are erroneous according to the captain of the Touch, Pete Meegan. However, whispers are like tornado's around hockey. They get passed around with hot air and gain momentum. Is the captain of Final Touch an Evil genius or is this just hear say? Stay tuned.

The only game we are sure of is Roman Law will be playing MSCCC in 2 weeks. Next weeks meaningful games will be Manny's trying to continue their streak and secure the 5th spot over 401 Consulting. Or will 401 get another win and keep their spots in the standings. Final Touch will play Roman and looks like they may get their wish and play in the fourth spot. Vescera Law will do their best to keep their third place reign.

Next week we are again on the road! Yes hockey junkies, we will travel to Lynch Arena on the corner of Dexter Street in Pawtucket RI. In short another venue change, bring protection. 

Its been a great season. Even for us bottom feeders in the standings.

Good luck to everyone playing in the Gingell tournament.