Ok Can Jams back! That is all!

May 15, 2015

The real story of the night was not the games on the ice but the butt whooping Jr. and Pizzo put on everyone Jammin Cans. 

However, inside, for the first time in awhile, there were no ties. The night opened with a sound game by 401 Consulting. Jimmy Meegan led his team with 2 assists. The subs for 401 led the team in scoring the goals. In other news, Meegan and the Meat Suitcase had a 'Cuddle Puddle". Crossett said later, Jimmy just needed to get off him so he made sure he did with 80 style wrestling move. Final in this one, Consultants 5, Mineral Spring Car Care Center, 2.

In the second game it would be much more exciting. The Schiavone brothers faced off against each other for the second week in a row. The fans were rowdy in the stands and they were all related. It would be Rob getting the better of Mark in this one. Dillon Rabitore would figure in on all 3 goals for Vescera Law. Manville Pizza is still trying to find the right combination to deliver a win. 

In the final match up Manny's Hockey Shop were stout with their powerful combination of speed and stick work. Anthony Lisi and Capt. Derek Signoriello would do most of the scoring getting 2 each. It would be the former squirrel, Eric Campbell, leading his team with 5 points, a goal and 4 assists. Roman Law would be down early 3-1 in the first and 5-1 before they knew it. The law wold climb back in and get 2 unanswered. Manny's 6th goal would be the back breaker. Signoriello would finish the 2 on one rush. Manny's keeps on trucking with a 7-4 win.