Who Left the Oven On

July 23, 2022

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine...Michael Stipe REM.

I only say this, because Quick Dam lost to Green Goddess. You read that right. There might have been some controversy here. I am having a hard time finding the words, without being mean. So, i will just let you decide. Also, later their was more controversy with another team. Same problem. SANTIAGO!!!!!! Ok, here we go. All that said you need to score and Kreg Labelle took care of that problem with a hat trick. Also, Rich Dias did his yeoman work with a couple of goals and an assist. Labelle opened the game with a goal within 30 seconds of the first to get them on them going. On the QD side, Larry Lefevbre got an early goal. Mike Thomas got a late goal to book end the 2 for the Quick Dam. I blame Hayden Schaivone, he might be bad luck. Just kidding great to see the kid. For the record it was 6-2 final for Green Goddess' second win.

Another alert on a bit of controversy. Maybe this will be a problem or no. We are still waiting for Toronto for a final decision. Besides that bologna (pronounced Ba-Low-NEE) Right Aimee? Ok, Manville Pizza facing Edge Doctor without a goalie, SANTIAGO back for a second game to help. Manville jumped out to an early lead in the first with Keith Kraunelis getting on the board in the first. Nick Nardone got one on his own with no help in the second. (run on sentence). In the third Edge Doctor got on the board late with a goal by Glen Marshall. (that sexy bitch). In the end it doesn't even matter. Manville Pizza wins 2-1. I don't know if you noticed, but Edge Doctor has the least amount of goals against average by a lot. The bad news is they have the least goals for as well. Weird right? I would watch out for Edge in the finals. They are going to be a tough draw.

And the final game of the evening. Final Touch and Vescera Law in a real donnybrook for a late game. Captain Bill was not there tonight, but his replacement was and got himself a nice goal. Jay Cawley for the lone goal (LONE STAR) btw another the reference to Spaceballs will be coming later in the article. Any-Hoo. In the first and way late in the first, Kevin Webster would drop the puck in the basket from Nate Patterson and Shannon Caverly. In the second, oh here is the part you have been waiting for Jay Cawley scored from the top of the circles. Assist were give out but it was all Jay. That jubilation did not last as Shannon Caverly did the ole fuck you with a beauty on the right side of the cage. She was set up by Owens and Webby. Oh yeah for the game winner. That's Right Bitches. In the third, Nate Patterson would stick the knife in deep to finish off the Law. Both Mike Dussault (the Award Winning Vocalist of Wicked Rhode fame) and Shannon Murphy had big games in net. Final Touch wins 3-1.

So, now that we are at the end of the article, here is the reference to Spaceballs. "Hello my honey hello my baby hello my ragtime gal."  "We'll have the soup". If you know, you know. If you don't, no worries.

Ok, with Votta on the Bye, things have not changed much. I really feel like Edge is going to be a freakin handful in the playoffs. Four weeks left kids. Votta looks very comfortable. Someone needs to please beat these bastards. (New England accent).

In any case, I hope everyone has a great week.

LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE....................HOCKEY!!!