Tear, the season is over.

April 23, 2022

So last night of the season, right. What a ride. I cannot predict who will pull this out. Votta is the clear favorite. Or, are they?

Look at what happened last night. Now, the game didn't mean anything in the standings but it always means something. Votta Properties and Quick Dam went after it last night and the game was a 4-4 tie. Votta thought the game was over in the second as they were up 4-1. Quick Dam never gave up and scored 3 to tie it with only 24 seconds on the clock. Even though Aimee Accino's team wasn't playing, she still got a goal. It doesn't mean she gets anything on the stats, but she didn't fall off the top of the stats for the season. Mike Bragan got 2 goals and Kosinski got the other for Votta. Quick Dam scorers were Chad LaBaste and Mine and everyones Boo Ralph Espilat.

In the first game, everything got set up for the playoffs. Edge Doctor needed to win to jump into 3rd. Green Goddess thwarted their effort with a 7-5 win. Visions of last week for the green popped into this reporters head as Goddess was up 4-1 in the first. Edge came back strong in the second and third. It was Kreg Labelle with the Hat trick and an assist. Derek Franco with 2 and an assist. Goddess held on with the hero's being Andy Morrison with 4 assists and Brian Pendergast with a hatty. Guess who got her first men's league goal and the game puck??? Shannon Murphy! And not on herself in net this time. She actually played right wing and put the puck in from the slot. Woot Woot. In the end 7-5 win for Goddess

Middle game was Final Touch and Manville Pizza. Final Touch put a great game together scoring first. Jim Galvin put the puck in the net. Touch spread the love around. Larry Lefebvre got the next one, Jerry Fahey got one and last but not least Tim Pincince with a goal in the third. Shane McCormick got the lone goal for the pizza. The captain got on the board as well. However it was for tripping. FT wins 4-1.

Hey Peter, how was the brevity?

Good luck next week everyone.

Live, Breathe, Love......HOCKEY!!!!