Heavy air in a humid rink. HOT ICE!

July 17, 2015

In the beginning game, the juggernauts that are Mineral Spring Car Care Center faced their nemesis in Roman Law. In the previous two meetings, the Law tied and beat MSCCC. In this meeting, it looked like Roman Law was in the drivers seat most of the game. A hot pass from Scott Reilly to Matt Connell was a split second from being a hot mess. With MSCCC forwards bearing down on Matt Connell at the point, he kept his panic in check, sent the puck to the left of the goal keep right on Rick Votta's tape. The tick tack play ended with a nice pass across the slot to Peter Meegan, who finished and got the Roman on the board. Joe Martin would score a pair of goals in the second to put Roman up 3-1. The reciliant MSCCC would crack the defense and the goal tending of Jay Pires by scoring 3 in the third. 2 of those goals were scored by Nick Miranda with just under 2 minutes to go. One of the hardest fought games  by both teams. 

In the second game of the night, Vescera Law would face Manny's Hockey Shop. Manny's continues with their winning ways led by there captain, Derek Signoriello, getting 2 goals and 2 assist. He also blocked the a goal with his head with 3 seconds left in a 4-2 game. I think he has done that before, judging from the logic of doing it this time. Eric Cambell would put up 2 goals and an assist to keep his prowess as the league and team leader in points with 14 goals and 15 assists. Vescera Law would not give up and scored early in the 3rd to keep it close. Paul Pradario and Brand Bell would each get a goal and assist to keep the Law in this one. Manny's was just too much for them. 

In the final match up of the night, Final Touch would continue on their tail spin to with a single win in their last 5 games, Final touch could not afford this nights loss. It still would not be their night with Manville Pizza Palace shutting them out on a 3-0 contest. Mark Schiavone would be the story keeping the rubber from the back of the net. In the final minute of play, Shannon Cavalry would finally break the egg, getting her first goal of the season. The way she can score, it is amazing we have gotten this far in the season. I have a feeling it will spark a domino affect for her. She would also get an assist in the second goal for Manville. The upstart Manville Pizza will have their hands full next week when they face MSCCC. While, Final Touch will match up against Roman Law. 

It was another fun night of hockey. Hope all had fun. See you next Friday.

Live, Breathe, Love.............Hockey!!!! 

And now some silliness from my past hobby. enjoy!