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July 24, 2021

Kick IT!!!!

You wake up late for hockey and you don't want to go. Your captain says please but you still say no! You missed two periods and no hat trick. The ref calls the game like some kinda jerk.. You gotta fight for your right to HOCKEY!!!!

Manville V. Quick Dam. Manville started the game early with the new cop Jack Bibineau getting the black on the board from Glen Marshall. 12 seconds into the second Keith Krunellis got Manville out to a 2-0 lead. That would not last as after the next few drops of the puck and 40 seconds later, Quick Dam would put the puck in from someone who was filling in with 22 as a jersey from the Mark Schaivone. Not everyday the goaler gets a point. Not a minute later, QD strikes again with Neil Foley tipping one past. Fuck YOU Neil. This was a rocket from Brian McDonald who wears 69 because its hilarious. Scott Webber would get Quick Dam out in front 3-2 mid period from Glen Medeiros and McDonald. Andy Morrison would join the fun and get them 4 unanswered goals with Shawn Smith's help. Late and I mean Late, Keith would get another one to make it 4-3. Rich LaPlante and Kevin Webster on the helpers. Just under 4 minutes into the third, MPP would tie up the game from Captain Dan Dussault with help from Nate Patterson. A minute later, Quick Dam would get the game winner. Scott Webber would put the puck in the net and win the game.

To be Continued.........

Now back to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

The Captainless Final Touch squared off against the Formidable Green Goddess. In the first a goal by James Meegan, you know the youngest of the Meegan clan from County Cork, got the party started on a bing bang. The two teams duked it out for the rest of the period with no results. In the second, Chris Pilot, pretty much said fuck it and beat GG all the way past the goalie off the drop of the puck. It was a thing of beauty. Pilot would land the plane again with help from Gary Ouilette and Gerry Fayhe. But wait their is more, a natty hatty for Chris Pilot with his third and Gerry and Ed Cardoso filling in for Shannon. And not to be denied in the period Pilot would get a fourth with less than a minute to go. Believe it or not that is all Final Touch needed. That and  Mike Perry keeping the Goddess at bay. In the third, Mark Kosinski got a goal with help from Bill Figuerido. Seconds Later the elder Meegan got one to squirt through, literally we had a squirter, and put another up for the Goddess. Final Touch would put another nail in Goddess with Green Pants, Derek Franco getting one from Kosinski. A minute later, a tip in by Gerry Fayhe would end the scoring for the Touch. However Goddess was not done. Rob Edlemen would do what Rob Edleman does and put the puck in on a spin o rama, top shelf with the biscuit shot. Great shot. I blame Nick Miranda, who said, hey Matt, have we been scored on yet. SHHHHH. and here we are. Anyway, Final Touch moved up in the standings with a 7-3 win.

Ahhh the late game, Votta Properties finally won a game. Shane McSHANE-SHANE McCormick would be the hero, getting 3 goals. Frank Nardone, Aimee's better half, started the scoring with a solo goal, early in the game. Kreg Labelle would equal the task with a goal of his own with help from Steve Owens. ( the fuck you Owen in last weeks article was directed at Neil, Trixie calls him Owen). In the Second Shane went to work with help from Brandon Bell on 2 of them and Kevin Bartels setting up the hatty. In the third, Kreg LaBelle would get a second one to help his team climb back into the game. Frank N. would match the feat with a second of his own. Damn Frank, welcome to the party. Again, Bartels would get his second apple. Last but not least, My Boo would clean up with a finishing goal. Ralph Espilat would have a late goal, capitalizing on a down and out team. Votta Properties wins 6-2.

Quick Dam is heading down the highway in first. 11 points in the early going.

Its a beautiful day. Get out and have some fun you kids an kittens.

Have a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love.........................................HOCKEY!!!