Its Bigger, Its Better, ITS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

January 17, 2020

Happy Winter day! Damn it is cold like 50 degrees colder than last Saturday. You remember when it was warm in January, that was awesome.

Green Goddess and Vescera Law braved the cold last night to start the heat up in the rink. Green Goddess took the first period with a goal by the tall dude, who is friends with Eric. You know him, the guy from Boston. Set up nicely by the other Eric the pest control dude, Eric Campbell. Goddess continued to stretch the lead in the second. Neil Foley unassisted to open the second. Dan Clare would ruin the Goddess hooka party to finally crack the score sheet for Vescera Law, Ricky Votta and Rob Edelman would get the assists. Next Adam Babikian would keep it going with Steven Albertelli getting the apple. Albertellii would round out the scoring in the second getting the goal with Babikian on the helper. In the third, Vescera would crack the code of the net minder. Jay Arruda would start the third with the score, helped by Edelman. Steven Albertelli from GG would match that, keeping the lead. Rob Edelman would get a goal of his own, after spoon feeding his teammates all night, Votta would help him as well. That would be all the scoring they could muster. Green Goddess held on to win after having the lead the entire game. 5-4.

In game two of the evening, Manville Pizza and Roman Law locked horns. I don't know what happened, but I blame Melissa Dussault. I think she made the captain feel funny and get all dewy eyed. Nate Patterson got the dance party started, breakdancing to an unassisted goal. It took 12 seconds for the Pizza to get it back. Greg Landry arrested the lead and tied it up. (see what I did there, he is a cop). All good things come to an end. Or, wow more good things to come. Depends on your perspective. Eric Rondeau the other cop, would set up Sean Coffey for the goal. Shane McCormick would strike next for Roman, from Shawn Smith. And they were off. Smith would start the second with an early goal. Like the first goal of the game MPP would match it withing a few seconds. This time MPP's Brian Beck would make it 4-2 cutting the lead in half. Andy Morrison would stretch the lead and all the wires he had dangling from his chest. Rondeau would get the helper on that one. Again, Brian Beck would cut into the lead with Mike Bonin's help. Manville got shut down for the rest of the period, as Roman Law continued forth. Glen Medeiros went high cheddar on Mike Dussault Jr. from Shewn Smiths rebound. Turns out to be the game winner. Coffey would get the next one as well as Smith to extend the lead too far in the second. In the third, Mike Bragan and Steve Owens would score to try to light the team on fire in the third. But it was not enough. Shawn Smith and Sean Coffey would complete their Hat Tricks. Two guys getting hats, wow. Roman cruised to the win 10-5 good buddy.

OH fuck we have the late game. Yep thats how both teams felt. Manny's and Final Touch would go at it to finish this week out. Yes indeed Showtime was in net once again for the touch. Let me tell you why this is a story, because Show squashed the hopes and dreams of Manny's, skunking them in the first. His teammates, Mark Kosinski, Peter Meegan and Rick Mercuri would get together for a goal in the first. Mercuri would take the rebound and bury the puck for the early lead. Manny's Opened the second with the tying goal from Jimmy Meegan from Shooter Marc Dionne. Richie Dias would not take this lightly, he would get the lead back with the help of Mark Ferreira, nice goal from the circle. Late in the second Mercuri would extend the lead for FT making it 3-1. All the while Showtime with his force field of blockers in front of him, would not let one by. Manny's finally would get one early in the third. Gary Ouilette came up from the blueline and got one passed. Next, as the crashed around the net, Scott Hawes, would tie up the game at the 8 minute mark, from Jay Goyette. Manny's was not satisfied with the tie. Just 30 seconds left and another scrum in front of the net, Brian Pendergast would score to win the game. It's funny how you can score if your not in the box with 2 minutes left in the game, right Penda. Gary Ouilette had the helper. In the end, Manny's won and it was a great game. Note to the league, Showtime is getting better. Or Manny's just can't score, you be the judge. In the end Manny's leaps out to retake the top spot.

Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentleman, Sluts and Perverts. Lots of stuff going on this weekend. Pizzo is having a card game, pool game, all are invited, that is tonight. I will be at a wine and beer tasting contest.. oops not a contest, just a fundraiser. If anyone is interested, $15 per person or $20 per couple, there are raffles and plenty of good times. It benefits the CHS Clippers Hockey team.  It is at the Sales Hill Rod and Gun Club in North Smithfield. And if you want to travel to the Oriental Pearl in Dartmouth, Richie Dias is playing with his band. Which is always a blast.

Also Next week. get your shit together captains. Some members of your team maybe going to Lake Morey Resort for some Pond Hockey in the FrostBite Face Off. So, make sure you check the roster list of subs more than once.

Hope you all have a great week. Much Love!!!

Live, Breathe, Love...........................HOCKEY!!!!