MPP Call the Doctor and be Quick about it.

April 10, 2021

Another great night of hockey. The weather is still a little chilly. Not a problem for the Kan Jam. The Ricky V's were the kings outside.

Inside, Manville Pizza took the first game 5-0 with Vescera still on the schnide. The usual suspects took this game for the MPP. Bragan, Dias, Kosinski and Dussault all contributing to the tally. The story of the game was the sharp shooting of Rick Mercuri. Mercury got 2 close out the game. I should mention that Chris Santiago kept the score at zero and got himself a shut out.

Doctor doctor, give me the news, I got a new jersey, I'm showing you.....Wow, those new Edge Doctor jerseys are sharp. So enamoring that the Green Goddess allowed them to score 3 quck goals to start the game. It was Derek Antunes starting the show with Ant Lisi and Pete Meegan on the helpers. Lisi got the next one from Antunes and Meegan. Then Antunes again from Meegan and Lisi. 4:15 seconds in and already looked like a rout. That all came to a screeching halt as MY BOOO put his team on the board 2x's before the period was over from Eric Robichaud and Jimmy Meegan. However, both goals were set up by Larry Lefebvre. In the second, the Goddess got the tie by Andy Morrison, just sprung for a break away by Gary Ouilette. It wouldn't take long, but Lisi would get another one for the baby blues. Guess who helped, Pete and Tunes. Are you seeing a pattern? Puppah can you hear me??Puppah can you hear me?? Puppah Bill Babikian scored unassisted from the point to help the Set the Edge (get it?) Late in the second, the Green would pull another one off, Marc 'shooter' Dione would tap the loose change in, to finish the period. In the third Goddess would tie it up at the 4 minute mark, with Andy Morrison setting it up once again, with Ouilette. The jubilation would be short lived as Brian Pendergast would get the game winner for the Edge Doctors. 6-5. Hell of game.

On the West Coast schedule, Quick Dam made some roster moves to try to shake things up. Apparently it worked, especially early. Neil Yee would get one early, like off the face off early, 28 seconds in. Yee would get another one set up by Glen Medeiros and Paul Bergeron. (so appropriate he wears 37). Before the first was over, Shawn Smith would contribute from Yee. In The second Yee would get the sombrero, hat trick, chapeau, if you prefer, from Derek green pants Franco. Final Touch was not dead in the water by any means. Steven Albertelli would take it right to the net and get the Touch on the board. After the face off, Quick Dam would get one back with Kevin Webster sniping the top corner, dust flying off the top shelf. Momma needs to dust. Late in the second Final Touch would strike again. Steve Owens would find the back of the net with help from his Goats teammate Mark Ferreira. In the third Final Touch would claw back some more getting a goal midway through, from Chris Pilot. Quick Dam needed a stretch goal and got it from Yee, with help from Green Pants. With the game not over yet, Albertelli would get another late one with help from Scott Reily. It would not be enough. Quick Dam gets off the losing streak and wins 6-4.

I hope everyone has a great week. Some folks are in playoffs in other leagues. Lets hope for the best for all involved. Unless you are playing me, then stay home.

Live, Breathe, Love......................HOCKEY!!!!!