OH MY ! Is it summah already?

April 15, 2023

Hello Boys and Girls and New players. We have a few new faces. The young guns are in the mix. Shannon Reilly, Ryan Degnan and Will Vescera. Let's see how they do. We have some old new faces as well in the mix,with Ben Mello and Wayne Davis. Welcome all.

Ok, here is where the party starts. Game one!

Votta Properties coming off their championship, gets it going once again. Green Goddess coming in with a great team on paper. We don't play on paper though. Guess who got it going, yep, Ricky "the Handsome one" Votta. A nice tip in from the circle shot. Number 19. Sorry I don't remember who it was, but i am thinking it was Steve Lombardi. Just cause, I mean you know. Maybe not though. In any case, Goddess, Tied it up early in the second. Shannon Murphy with Leddy Murphy pacing the glass. Both have a lot of Energy. The elder Murphy staved off an onslaught of shots. Even one of the ole noggin, like a soccer header. Crazy bitch. In any case, it was short lived as Votta came up with a second goal a minute later. Green Goddess hung in there and scored again in the next shift, tying it 2-2. Votta would grab one more before the end of the period. When i say Votta, I mean Ricky again. But wait, Green Goddess would tie it again. What a game. In the third, Votta Properties would win the day with 2 goals, I believe it was Frank Nardone with the GWG and on a Shorty Short Shorty. Tommy Martins would shut out the third to keep the win in tact. 5-3 Votta.

Now here is game where I can talk more about. 2 great goalies standing on their heads. Mike Baro for Final Touch and Mark Schaivone for Quick Dam. I mean, these guys were good, real good. Although the defense on both sides were really good as well. If I do say so myself, and I do. The highlights, Yours truly with the first penalty of the game. Called for Hooking. Usually, that is a night in jail. My defensive partner got called for interference. SMH. And Big Jim Meegan got called on a trip. How much did Quick Dam pay the refs. jeez. There was a lot of action up and down the ice, but nothing to write about. Until, yep the third, when Aimee Accinno was next to the goal, but claims it was all Nick Nardone with the goal. That would be the dagger. Although some would say that Quick Dam was jipped a goal right after. Some, but not me or the ref. Late in the game, Little Robbie Edelman back in the fold and feeling good, put a dart in the empty net from the far blue line to end this one 2-0 Final Touch. I should say that Nick Nardone matched his brother with GWG as well.

Spoiler alert. Edge Doctor in front of Mike Eeyore Dussault, was preparing to lose. I hope his prediction for Fort Lauderdale is the same result. Manville Pizza, must have heard Mike. They bought in, maybe. In the first 4 goals to 1 Edge Dr. Steve Donavan with the first 2. Followed by Kreg Labelle and Mark Kosinski. On the Manville side it was 17. In the Second it was 3 goals to 1 Edge, with Kreg, Mark and Adam Babikian getting on the board. Manville with number 4 getting a goal. In the third it was tied. 2 to 2. With a sub and Adam getting the final. Kreg Labelle with the GWG. Edge Doctor wins 9-4. Wow.

Did everyone have fun? Yeah. good. Make sure you pay up. If you haven't given a deposit. Bring it next game. $200.

Unfortunately, about half the league is under contract and flying down to Florida. In any event. Do good in our absence. Don't make me tell mommy. ( you get it, anyone bahahahaha.)  Truly inside the warm room early, joke.

Have a great week.

Live, Breathe, LOVE <3 .....................HOCKEY!!!!!!