"Aww, what's the matter, did I play hockey against you?"

August 20, 2022

Hockey is as hot as the weather lately! The playoffs are looming in the horizon, as the Friday night gang of miscreants got the last tune up before we go to the bonus season.

In the first game both Edge Doctor and Final Touch, both donning the coolest of the uniforms in the league, took to the ice. What a game it was, tight all the way through. In the first, Final Touch cracked it open against the upstart father to be Chris Santiago. He would quickly close that crack and not let it open again for the rest of the game. Scoring was Connell to Miranda and finished by Ben. On the other side of the ice was Shannon Murphy blanking the competition and pulling out the rare but beautiful shutout. Just like a unicorn. That would do it for this game. It was a classic playoff style game. Back and forth with chances abound. Final Touch 1-0.

In the next game, Manville Pizza Mark Kosinski got a hatty. Nick Nardone also got a couple and assist. On the other side, Peter Meegan got a hat trick, no big deal, and figured in on the last goal. Manville Wins 7-4

Votta and Quick Dam went after it in the final game of the season. It would be Quick Dam getting 3 in the first and stretching it to 4-0 in the beginning of the second. Votta would finally answer 3 times in the second to get themselves right back into the game. In the third Quick Dam would hold on by getting a couple in the third and Votta would match but not enough as the game would be 6-5 Quick Dam to secure second place.

Games are on the schedule. Jimmy is going to check the second and third games times, but for now they are correct. Check in periodically for changes.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love......................................HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!