Great Games tonight with the season waining!

August 13, 2022

Here we go! I came in at the tail end of the first game. At that point the game was Quick Dam 5 and Goddess 4. Late in the game it with just 2 minutes 48 seconds left, Quick Dam stretched the lead to make it six with Greg Landry burying the biscuit in the basket. Landry played a huge role in the game getting 2 and assisting on one. Green Goddess had not given up and got one back real quick with a goal by Scotty Reilly from Kreg Labelle.  Now here is where it gets sketchy in my mind, because I am pretty sure Labelle scored the final goal, the score sheet said it was Rich Dias. Either way one of them completed a hat trick. I have to go by the score sheet. Richie could have scored, he played a pinnacle part in the game. Lots of unsung hero's in this game. Effort was all there for so many. Including Joe Martin and Aimee Accino on the Goddess and Mike Thomas and  Larry Lefebvre Quick Dam. Hell of a Tie 6-6

Game 2 baby! Here we go. Vescera Law and Edge Doctor went at it. Vescera Law came out hot hot hot. In the first, they were up 2 nuttin. Peter Meegan and Derek Franco getting the best of Baro. In the second the stretched the lead with 2 more before Edge Doctor could answer. I believe it was Shane mcshane shane McCormick getting in the 2. Finally, Edge Doctor got on the board with Neil Yee getting one of many. Let's hold that thought for now. The reason being, Derek Franco would deke, juke and hold to get a one to crawl up Baro and drop in to answer the Doctors goal. Onto the third. Hi, and welcome to the third. I'm your host. In any event, a drop of the puck and a goal by Yee. getting exciting yet? Probably not, it is still 5-2 favoring Vescera. However, Yee is starting to pick shit off now and getting another 2 shifts later for the Doctor. Vescera would crush the dreams of the comeback. Yee would score one more, but 4 goals by a player and none other were not going to do it. As Derek Franco ruled the day with his 4 goals, plus Pete's and Shane’s that would be the difference. Vescera Law, would pull it off as Mike Dussault would shut the door in net. What a game eh. 7-4 Law.

Did you guys see all the Tuesday night players helping out this week? Gerry Provential, Keith Choquette, Dave Poisson all in the mix this week. Plus, we had another player, Derek who came to sub. Nice to see new blood.

Ahh the late game, the bane of everyone's existence, especially as we get older. Votta might be the real deal everyone. Final Touch came out strong getting the first one early by the fill in goalie Jay Pires. It would be Eric Rondeau from Kevin Webster. Ok the rest of the game doesn't matter, so why bother reporting it.

Just kidding, Votta would have a great shift getting 2, Brian Pendergast would start the scoring and Andy Morrison would get the game winner. Late in the second the other stud on the Purple, Steve Lombardi getting one from Ricky Votta and Kevin Bartels. Lets talk about the goalies on both ends. Pires getting back in the fold, played exceptional. On the other net, star of the game was Shannon Murphy. Her athleticism is second to none between the pipes. Even bonking a save off her forehead to keep the game tight. The third period was a wash, other than a bone head play by yours truly, who did not know there was an empty net, just let Ricky Votta toss it in the bucket for the 4-1 final.

Folks, with only one week left of the regular season, we need make sure everyone has paid up for the summer. Also, there is a notebook floating around the rink (pink cover). Please see Steve Owens, we would like to have everyone interested in playing in the winter sign the book. This way we don't have any misunderstandings come draft time.

By the by, did everyone see Lil" Robbie Edleman around the rink. He was getting his legs under him as he wants to get back to skating, after a long IR. Welcome back Rob. Hope to see you again and ready to play.

What a great league. I look forward to the playoffs!!!

Live, Breathe, Love..............................HOCKEY!!!